My Heart Defined

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I began the words a thousand times
To define my heart’s devotion
And yet it seemed the thoughts wouldn’t form
To express such profound emotion

I searched thru books of romance
And I read pages of love
I heard of songs of angels
And gifts from God above

I struggled in vain for the text
That would my feelings show
I even looked through pictures
So that I could let you know

I also attempted to whisper
Those sentiments to your soul
But instead shed tears of affection
As it is my heart that you stole

A simple ‘I love you’ won’t do
Those words too freely used
So instead of saying that phrase
I’ll say these words to you

I breath you, with every breath I take
I hear you and my heart sings
I adore the ground you walk on
You are ever in my dreams

I feel you every moment
I think you every hour
Your voice echoes inside my mind
And sets my soul on fire

I need you for my survival
I crave you to my core
I never existed without you
There was no life before

I long to feel your arms
In their steel embrace of security
For while locked inside your refuge
Is the only time I am free

I want you as I have never
Wanted anything in my days
I will spend the rest of eternity
Being sure you hear me say

I love You with all my being
I love You, I am Yours
I love You so completely
I love You forevermore.


zenda title song lyrics- vitthala konta jhenda gheu haati

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जगण्याच्या वारीत मिळेना वाट हो…साचले मोहाचे धुके घनदाट हो …||२||

आपली माणसं आपलीच नाती तरी कळपाची मेंढरास भीती

विठ्ठला.. कोणता झेंडा घेऊ हाती ||३|| घेऊ हाती…

आजवर ज्यांची वाहिली पालखी भलताच त्याचा देव होता… भलताच त्याचा देव होता…

पुरे झाली आता उगा माथेफोडी  दगडात माझा जीव  होता… दगडात माझा जीव  होता…

उजळावा दिवा म्हणूनिया किती मुक्या बिचार्‍या जळती वाती

वैरी कोण आहे इथे कोण साथी

विठ्ठला .. कोणता झेंडा घेऊ हाती ||3||

बूजगावण्यागत व्यर्थ हे जगणं उभ्या उभ्या संपून जाई…

उभ्या उभ्या संपून जाई…उभ्या उभ्या संपून जाई

अळ रीत रीत माझं बघुनी उमगलं कुंपण  इथ शेत खायी…

कुंपण  इथ शेत खायी…

भक्ताच्या कपाळी अन् सारखीच माती तरी झेंडे एगळे, वेगळ्या जाती

सत्तेचीच भक्ती सत्तेचीच प्रीती

विठ्ठला .. कोणता झेंडा घेऊ हाती ||3||

Am I hurt ??

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Can u look into my eyes
& say how much my soul is hurt tonite ?
can u look deep in my heart
& say how this feeling I can fight ?

If yes, come be my friend..
lend a shoulder to cry…
or may be teach a lesson
on how this world could still be bright?

What do u do …
when ur love is lost
would u sulk in ur heart
or let tears go by..

What do u do ..
if ur dreams are shattered
would u pick up the pieces
or let them be eaten by mites?

Can I be the same again ..
without love in my heart & rejoice?
or stand at the cross roads
& walk on the path of my choice

What would you do
If the same happened to u ??
Would u live in the memoirs of ur dreams…
Can you just live and not be alive
& let people hear u scream..
What would u do …

keep looking »