Can I Make A Difference?

How can one regular individual help make this world a better place? This is a question I ask myself quite often. In our daily life we want the good things. Our educational system teaches us to get a career, have a good social standing, to become something. Materialism is popular; we want a nice car, […]

Purpose For Life

Sometimes happiness seems out of reach. You struggle and struggle and you can seem to keep afloat. Like swimming in a toilet bowl you go a round and a round and a round until you’re finally flushed. All the articles that I have ever read about what people wanted most out of life surprised me. […]

MY LUV…..Simply Sweet!!!

ALL ABOUT MY SWEET DREAMS !!! Born to be a WOMAN… SHE IS DE ONE!!! No matter, whose around, No matter, what’s happening… Her dreams always with her, To be chased, whatever be it!!! Nothing could held her back, Nothing cud change her away. Much courage and little pride, And with the stub-borness she moves… […]

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