You All I Need My Love My Honey

If there were no words, no way to speak, I would still hear you. If there were no tears, no way to feel inside, I’d still feel for you And if the sun refused to shine, even if romance ran out of rhyme, you would still have my heart until the end of time. You’re […]

The day U come back

I visualise the day you will come back i see it in my dreams when the dawn cracks will that day really come? is the question in my heart that runs What would u say? From where would u start? would u really pay for the pain u dart? with all my emotions packed i […]

My One True Love

As I awaken, each and every day, Thoughts of love turn to you. An unbreakable bond between us two, A special love ever so true… The warm glow in your eyes, The sweet smile on your face; Makes me want to hold you, Forever in love’s tender embrace. The gentleness of your touch, The sweet […]

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