She’ll Never Know

“She’ll Never Know” These feelings inside I know she’ll never know it’s the choice she made Hidden deep inside the tears I’ll never show. joy’s rainbow fades What she is to me I know she’ll never know she’s the sun’s light she’s why the stars do shine she’s the moon’s golden glow in the velvet […]

joomla admin login not working for joomla 1.0.x

Hello guys, From last few weeks  I came across an joomla error in which the super administrator is not able to login into the joomla administrator panel  even though we changed the superadmin password from the phpmyadmin. Then the  problem is some how one of the joomla table is got corrupted from the joomla database. […]

A Lonely Me

Empty, yes. I say to whom? Silence screams within my room. So much to say. So much to do.The one I love will not be true. The one I gave my life to be. The one I asked upon my knee. She does not give me what I need; does not care to tend that […]