Am I hurt ??

Posted on January 26, 2010 | Filed Under love, Poetry, Relationships Leave a Comment

Can u look into my eyes
& say how much my soul is hurt tonite ?
can u look deep in my heart
& say how this feeling I can fight ?

If yes, come be my friend..
lend a shoulder to cry…
or may be teach a lesson
on how this world could still be bright?

What do u do …
when ur love is lost
would u sulk in ur heart
or let tears go by..

What do u do ..
if ur dreams are shattered
would u pick up the pieces
or let them be eaten by mites?

Can I be the same again ..
without love in my heart & rejoice?
or stand at the cross roads
& walk on the path of my choice

What would you do
If the same happened to u ??
Would u live in the memoirs of ur dreams…
Can you just live and not be alive
& let people hear u scream..
What would u do …