Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure.

*Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure… — it does mean you haven’t succeeded yet. *Failure doesn’t mean you have accomplished nothing… — it does mean you have learned something. *Failure doesn’t mean you have been a fool… — it does mean you had a lot of faith. * Failure doesn’t mean you have been […]

The day U come back

I visualise the day you will come back i see it in my dreams when the dawn cracks will that day really come? is the question in my heart that runs What would u say? From where would u start? would u really pay for the pain u dart? with all my emotions packed i […]

How To Be Helping And Not Hurting Who You Love

Are there times when you try to help someone you love, but you end up hurting them instead? You can feel frustrated because you wonder why is it that when you try to help, they can’t seem to receive your help. It makes you feel powerless. You think that if only they would listen to […]

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