My Heart Defined

I began the words a thousand times To define my heart’s devotion And yet it seemed the thoughts wouldn’t form To express such profound emotion I searched thru books of romance And I read pages of love I heard of songs of angels And gifts from God above I struggled in vain for the text […]

Broken Promise

You told me you loved me I told you I loved you too You said together we’d always be I said I would be true You promised you would hold me You promised you’d be there I promised I’d cross the stormy sea To give you my loving care But you never kept your promise […]

You Mean the world to me

If there’s one thing in existence That I just can’t live without It would have to be YOU, my love, Without a shred of doubt! It’s like you are my life support – I mean other than the standard fare – That is, you know, the obvious, Food, water, shelter and air. You’re more important […]

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