My Heart Defined

I began the words a thousand times To define my heart’s devotion And yet it seemed the thoughts wouldn’t form To express such profound emotion I searched thru books of romance And I read pages of love I heard of songs of angels And gifts from God above I struggled in vain for the text […]

Am I hurt ??

Can u look into my eyes & say how much my soul is hurt tonite ? can u look deep in my heart & say how this feeling I can fight ? If yes, come be my friend.. lend a shoulder to cry… or may be teach a lesson on how this world could still be […]

She’ll Never Know

“She’ll Never Know” These feelings inside I know she’ll never know it’s the choice she made Hidden deep inside the tears I’ll never show. joy’s rainbow fades What she is to me I know she’ll never know she’s the sun’s light she’s why the stars do shine she’s the moon’s golden glow in the velvet […]

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