Ethical SEO

What is ethical SEO (search engine optimization)? Well the search engine optimization industry is no different from most other industries, in that there are certain companies that follow unethical approaches to obtain high rankings in search engines, this technique is commonly referred to as black hat SEO. Ethical SEO companies are companies that follow the […]

How to optimize the Flash website

The SEO experts and Web designer professionals are getting the hot problem for optimizing the flash related websites. Flash movies and intros are frightening for SEO specialists. The reason is the spiders will not crawl the flash movies and search engines will not crawl the flash related sites. Flash movie contain the inside of the […]

What is web 2.0 design?

“Web 2.0” is the term in world wide web technology coined by O’Reilly in 2001. The term “Web 2.0 “ is to describe and introduce a new area in website creation. The main objective of web 2.0 websites are, to make the website more exciting to use by using the excellent color schemes, graphics on […]

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