My Heart Defined

Posted on February 13, 2010 | Filed Under Inspirational, love, Memories, Poetry 1 Comment

my heart image

I began the words a thousand times
To define my heart’s devotion
And yet it seemed the thoughts wouldn’t form
To express such profound emotion

I searched thru books of romance
And I read pages of love
I heard of songs of angels
And gifts from God above

I struggled in vain for the text
That would my feelings show
I even looked through pictures
So that I could let you know

I also attempted to whisper
Those sentiments to your soul
But instead shed tears of affection
As it is my heart that you stole

A simple ‘I love you’ won’t do
Those words too freely used
So instead of saying that phrase
I’ll say these words to you

I breath you, with every breath I take
I hear you and my heart sings
I adore the ground you walk on
You are ever in my dreams

I feel you every moment
I think you every hour
Your voice echoes inside my mind
And sets my soul on fire

I need you for my survival
I crave you to my core
I never existed without you
There was no life before

I long to feel your arms
In their steel embrace of security
For while locked inside your refuge
Is the only time I am free

I want you as I have never
Wanted anything in my days
I will spend the rest of eternity
Being sure you hear me say

I love You with all my being
I love You, I am Yours
I love You so completely
I love You forevermore.



  • monica

    simply beautiful! :)