Virtual Private Database (Implementation) with V.E.S. BankA web based e-banking application, which uses the security of VPD to provide its customers the fine-grained access control.

In today’s world of emerging technologies, enterprises are moving towards theInternet for businesses. People are rushing towards the e-commerce applications for their day-today needs, which in turn are making the Internet very popular. Online Banking has given both an opportunity and a challenge to traditional banking. For all banks, online banking is a powerful tool to gain new customers while it helps to eliminates costly paper handling and manual teller interactions in an increasingly competitive banking environment.

In these applications the security of the documents is the main issue of focus. Hence we need to take help of some strong security measures like application level security, database level security etc. One of these database securities are provided by VPD. The Virtual Private Database (VPD) is the aggregation of server-enforced, fine-grained access control, together with a secure application context in the Oracle9i database server.It provides a flexible mechanism for building applications that enforce the security policies customers want enforced, only where such control is necessary

This is My B.E. final year project which is been completed with four of my colleagues; They are

  1. Samir Kamble
  2. Ninad Thakre
  3. Sameer Mhatre
  4. Amit Saxena

Project report can be downloaded here- Download